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About ViSR

ViSR is an AI Computer Vision company for customer service enhancement. We offer artificially intelligent machine vision that helps brick-and-mortar shops identify customer sectors and traffic to enable enhanced customer experience and increase customer conversion. Using our technology, you can receive real-time alerts when customers of interest (eg, first-time customer; advertising-targeted) are present, in addition to longer term traffic and demographic analysis.

How it Works

  • Step 1

    We cooperate with you to install cameras, a local processor and a communication protocol in unobtrusive but technically effective locations to begin analyzing customer traffic.

  • Step 2

    Configure System
    Tell the system what you want to track - eg, the presence of first-time customers in real time.

  • Step 3

    Configure Reporting
    How do you want to receive information from the system - via automatic alert, sent to the cashier at point of sale, or in longer-term reports?

  • Step 4

    Use it!
    Use our insights to drive effective action!

ViSR Features

There are awesome features of the ViSR platform. Here are a few:

Traffic Analysis

Get to know your customer base - how many people are coming in and when? How much time are they spending in your store? What is the demographic breakdown of your customer base?

First-Time Customer Identification

Know when a new customer has entered your store, and which customer they are, in real time in order to deliver a stellar first-time experience.

Promotional Tracking

Want to know whether your advertising or promotion dollars are being well-spent? Analyze traffic to see whether customers targeted with advertising are actually coming in.

ViSR is


Leverages cutting edge deep learning technology


Our insights are focused on helping your bottom line


Installation takes less than a day

Today's smart retailer is engaging in a new era of shopping experience, combining the human touch and technology to deliver a more tailored consumer experience.

Guita Blake, senior vice president, Mindtree

AI is an engine that is poised to drive the future of retail to all-new destinations. The key to success is the ability to extract meaning from big data to solve problems and increase productivity.

Azadeh Yazdan, director of business development, AI Products Group

"AI has been powering retail for years, and retailers have only been scratching the surface of what's possible. A combination of the right solutions and an intelligent approach to adoption and data management will help all retailers reap the benefits of AI."

Geoff Hueter, CTO, Certona

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