Artificially Intelligent Vision for Manufacturing

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About ViSR

ViSR is an AI Computer-Vision company for industrial automation that provides intelligent vision to robotics. We offer technology solutions that help manufacturing companies automate processes that previously were too complex for traditional computer-vision techniques. Our easy-to-use web-app allows manufacturers to upload image data sets and have them labelled, resulting in extremely fast turn-around time for integrating customized AI-based solutions.

How it Works

  • Step 1

    Upload Images
    Easily drag and drop images from your desktop to the dashboard.

  • Step 2

    Label Images
    Our platform makes it easy to label your images. Additionally, for only 5 cents per image we can do the labeling for you!

  • Step 3

    Produce ML Model
    Believe it or not, we have AI algorithms that determine which ML model is the best based on the images you entered. Train on your local machine or pay to use one of our server partner’s GPUs!

  • Step 4

    Analyze Model
    Run the model to see analytics such as the model accuracy, defect rates, and training set coverage.

  • Step 5

    Download Model
    Download your model in a variety of formats.

ViSR Features

There are awesome features of the ViSR platform. Here are a few:

Unlimited Cloud Storage

At ViSR, we don't believe our customers should have to worry about data. Let us handle that for you.

Turn-Key Solution

ViSR can be set up in a matter of hours compared to competing products which can take weeks to install.

Highly Accurate

We use cutting edge machine learning techniques tailored to your needs for maximum performance.

ViSR is


Leverages cutting edge deep learning technology


Setup is an order of magnitude faster than alternatives


Interface is incredibly intuitive compared to standard manufacturing software

Every day, in factories around the world, thousands of people spend hours squinting at tiny circuit boards and other electronic components. With our AI platform we can automate these tasks and more.

If you really want to see benefits [from AI], like the ones that are being projected, then you've got to figure out how to scale and not take six months, one year, 18 months to train an engine to perform one is going to be impossible to scale.

Harrick Vin, chief scientist at Tata Consultancy Services

We respectfully disagree.

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