ViSR’s machine vision products use deep-learning technology to provide businesses with the easiest way to automate visual tasks.

ViSR Features

Here are a few of the awesome features of the ViSR platform. 

  • Surveillance


    Get to know your customer base - count how many people are coming in, how much time are they spending in your store and the demographic breakdown of your customer base.

  • Safety


    Know when suspicious activity occurs in your store in real time in order to protect your employees and customers.

  • Manufacturing Inspection

    Manufacturing Inspection

    Want to know when your line is defective? We work with our clients on supply chain inspections and quality control.

"AI technology is well suited to addressing the challenges facing manufacturing, such as variable quality and yield, inflexible production line design, inability to manage capacity, and rising production costs."

Andrew Ng, former Chief Scientist, Baidu

How It Works


  • STEP 1


    Connect your video source.

  • STEP 2

    Configure System

    Tell the system what you want to track - eg, the presence of first-time customers in real time or objects on a conveyor belt.

  • STEP 3

    Configure Reporting

    How do you want to receive information from the system - via automatic alert, sent to an emoployee or in longer-term reports?

  • STEP 4

    Take Action

      Use our insights to drive effective actions

"Today's smart retailer is engaging in a new era of shopping experience, combining the human touch and technology to deliver a more tailored consumer experience."

Guita Blake, senior vice president, Mindtree

ViSR is

  • Smart

    Leverages cutting edge deep learning technology

  • Action-Oriented

    Our insights are focused on helping your bottom line

  • Easy

    Installation takes less than a day

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